A pocketbook helps you learn language at the workplace

The pocketbook is a small paper booklet in which you can write new Swedish words and phrases that you learn at the workplace. You can start using it from the beginning and continue as long as there are new things to learn at the workplace. Professionals who speak Swedish as their mother tongue also often use a notebook at a new workplace where they need to learn a lot of new things and ways of doing them.
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Foto: Rainer Paananen. Alla rättigheter förbehållna.

The pocketbook helps you learn the language at work 

The pocketbook makes you active. It helps you notice in which situations you can learn Swedish during the work day. When you watch a colleague or an instructor work, you can listen to the discussion between the colleague and the customer and write down any good phrases. Or if you don't know what to say, you can write down the situation and later ask a colleague what you should say in a similar situation. In this way, you learn appropriate words and phrases for your own needs.

It is a good idea to use the pocketbook as a constant tool for language learning at the workplace. When starting a work placement or a new job, start using the pocketbook immediately. You can talk with the Swedish language teacher about the issues or situations you should pay attention to in your work. They can also advise on how to ask for support from colleagues. You get the courage to use Swedish and develop your language skills at the workplace with the help of a colleague or instructor. 

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