Integration training for immigrants

Integration training involves studying Finnish or Swedish and learning about Finnish society, culture and working life. Professional planning and career guidance are also part of the training.
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For learners

There are various services in Finland that help you integrate, find employment and learn the local language.   

If you are unemployed 

If you are unemployed, you should register as an unemployed jobseeker to be eligible for integration services. Such services include initial assessment, integration plan and integration training. Your family members may also be entitled to these services if they move to Finland with you. Integration training is free of charge.  

  • In the initial assessment, an authority will assess things like your education, work experience and language proficiency.  
  • After the initial assessment, the authority will draw up an integration plan with you. The plan may include studying Finnish or Swedish or other studies or work placement. An integration plan is usually made for a maximum of three years. In some specific cases one can be made for five years.  
  • Once an integration plan has been drawn up, you can receive integration training. Integration training is organised by various educational institutions (e.g. folk high schools and educational institutions providing vocational adult education). Integration training usually involves studying Finnish or Swedish. The training also involves learning about Finnish society, culture and employment. It may also include the recognition of previously acquired learning and qualification as well as professional planning and career guidance. 

You can receive unemployment benefit or social assistance during the integration plan, depending on how long you have lived in Finland. The TE Office, Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) or your municipality will investigate whether you are entitled to unemployment benefit or social assistance.  

Integration training in Swedish

Integration training in Swedish is organised in Uusimaa, Southwest Finland and Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnia.  

If you are an employee

If you have a job, it is sometimes possible for your employer to help you integrate. For example, the employer can find or organise a Finnish or Swedish language course for you.   

If you are about to become unemployed

You can also register as a jobseeker if you are at risk of unemployment or about to become unemployed. 

Read more about integration

Integration into Finland | InfoFinland

More information and instructions on the initial assessment and integration plan as well as the forms of support for unemployed immigrants are available on the InfoFinland website. The site is available in multiple languages.  

Information on integration | Ministry of Employment and the Economy

You can also find more information and instructions on integration on the website of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. The website is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.    

For teachers

For employers

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