Learn Finnish at work

Are you working in Finland and would like to learn Finnish for working purposes? Explore the tips about how you can enhance language learning at work.

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Learn Finnish at work
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Learn Finnish at work

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Field spesific materials

Here you can find language learning materials for different fields.

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Aleksei: A bold plunge into a Finnish-language work environment helps in learning the language

Aleksei Anisimov, who works in the IT sector, describes the things that have helped and supported him in learning Finnish. 

Aleksei Anisimov

Tomy: Speaking Finnish in professional life requires courage

Teacher Tomy Cherian tells how language skills can develop alongside work in a bilingual workplace.

Tomy Cherian

Daniela: How to learn Finnish in an English-language work environment?

Daniela Untersteiner, who works in the start-up industry, talks about her experiences and views as a Finnish learner.

Daniela Untersteiner

Podcast Elämää suomeksi

How have foreign students learned Finnish and experienced Finnish culture in their everyday lives, studies and work.

Eevamaija Isoheiniemi, Fanny Saartila, Melagros Jalijali.
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