Integration and language tests

Integration and language tests

Do you want to know more about language tests? Are you interested in integration training? Are you looking for information about work permits or applying for citizenship? Are you thinking about having your degree recognized in Finland? On these pages, you can find information and materials to support integration in employment and in everyday life.

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Why choose to integrate in Swedish in Finland?

Learn when it can be a good idea to choose Swedish as your official language of integration in Finland.

Integration and language tests
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Integration counselling

Work permits, citizenship, the recognition of a foreign qualification and integration training

Integration and language tests
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Language certificates

National Certificates of Language Proficiency (YKI) and the Civil Service Language Proficiency Certificates (VKT).

Integration and language tests
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Language proficiency requirements for different professions

List of regulated professions and qualification and language proficiency requirements.

Integration and language tests

Voices of Successful Swedish Integration (external link)

Stories from others who have chosen to integrate in Swedish and done it successfully. Videos by Luckan.

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Living in two languages in Finland - BBC World Service (external link)

Video about the bilingual city Hanko/Hangö in southern Finland made by journalist Erika Benke.

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Luckan integration: Integrating in Swedish (external link)

The organization Luckan's office in Helsinki has a large variety of services in the capital region, networks and a good website for you who want's to integrate in Swedish in Finland.

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CEFR: European language skill levels

Are you looking for a suitable language course? Would you like to assess your language proficiency?

Integration and language tests
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Culture and society

Get to know Finland, Finland Swedish culture and Finnish working life.
We will add more content to this page during 2023.

Self study and tips
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Integration training

Information about integration training and its contents as well as instructions for applying to the training

Integration and language tests
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Plan your language learning with Language PSP

Language PSP tool to set goals for learning languages of Finland

Plan your language studies


Work Help Finland app (external link)

The Work Help Finland app is intended for foreign workers coming to Finland and residing in Finland.

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Finland Swedish for librarians (external link)

Free online course in Finland Swedish for librarians.

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Finland Studies open online course (external link)

The Finland Studies open online course (MOOC) brings together perspectives on studying in Finnish higher education.

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Finland Works online course (external link)

How to navigate Finnish working life and how to build a career? The course explores working life in Finland from societal, organisational and individual perspectives.

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Future of Work online course (external link)

The roles of the individual, organisations and society have changed - how it affect how we work today and in the future?

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Design a Meaningful Career online course (external link)

How to creatively shape your career as you go in the radically changing world of work. The course is an open online course.

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