Career counsellors

Career counsellors

How can you help international customers recognise the importance of language skills for their career? How can you plan for long-term language learning? Where can you find suitable language learning opportunities? Here you will find both ready-to-use tools for your guidance work as well as extensive information on learning Finnish and Swedish.

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Make a language learning plan (Language-PSP)

A tool to discuss language proficiencies and career planning.

Study counsellors in higher education
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Multilingual practises in guidance

Videos on multilingualism and language practices in guidance work.

Career counsellors
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Language proficiency requirements for different professions

List of regulated professions and qualification and language proficiency requirements.

Assessing the language skills of the employee
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Integration counselling

Information about work permits, applying for citizenship, the recognition of a foreign qualification and about integration training.

Integration and culture
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CEFR: European language skill levels

Describing language skills using the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Assessing the language skills of the employee
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Integration training

Information about integration training and its contents as well as instructions for applying to the training

Integration and culture
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Language certificates

Learn more about the National Certificates of Language Proficiency (YKI) and the Civil Service Language Proficiency Certificates (VKT).

Assessing the language skills of the employee

How to speak easy Finnish?

Coming in autumn 2023.

Everyday language use at work
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