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Are you looking for information about work permits or applying for citizenship? Would you like to take part in integration training or take the National Certificate of Language Proficiency (YKI) test? Here you can find information and advice on work permits, integration services and the recognition of a foreign qualification.
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Work permits 

If you are an EU citizen

As an EU citizen, you do not need a work permit in Finland. You are allowed to start working as soon as you arrive.  

You can find more information and instructions on employment or entrepreneurship on the InfoFinland website. The site is available in multiple languages.  
EU citizens | InfoFinland 
If you are not an EU citizen or not from a Nordic country 

If you are from another country, you need a residence permit in Finland.  

If you are applying for a residence permit for work, you need to have a job in Finland. The type of permit depends on what kind of work you will be doing.  

More information on permits and instructions for applying for them are available on the InfoFinland website. The site is available in multiple languages.  
Work in Finland | InfoFinland

If you want to work as an entrepreneur, you need an entrepreneur’s residence permit.  

More information on entrepreneurs’ permits and instructions for applying for them are available on the InfoFinland website. The site is available in multiple languages.  
Entrepreneur in Finland | InfoFinland

Employer's role in the permit process

On this page, you’ll find information on hiring an employee from abroad and the employer’s role in an employee’s residence permit process. The website is available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian.  
For employers | Finnish Immigration Service 

Tältä sivulta löydät kansainvälisen rekrytoinnin työnantajaneuvonnan, tietoa Talent-rahoituksesta, työpaikkasuomesta tai -ruotsista sekä tukea työntekijöiden kotoutumiseen. Sivusto tarjoaa myös alueelliset palvelut työnantajille. Sivusto on suomen- ja englanninkielinen.                             

For employers | Work in Finland                                              


You can apply for Finnish citizenship if you have lived permanently in Finland for a sufficient number of years and have satisfactory oral and written skills in Finnish or Swedish. It is also possible to get citizenship through your parent if they are a Finnish citizen.  

You can demonstrate your language skills with:  

For more information on other conditions and applying for citizenship, visit the InfoFinland website. The site is available in multiple languages.  
How to apply for Finnish citizenship? | InfoFinland 

Voices of Successful Swedish Integration

Stories about successful Swedish integration in the capital region of Finland. The video series is produced by Luckan Integration.

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Voices of Successful Swedish Integration (external link)

Stories from others who have chosen to integrate in Swedish and done it successfully. Videos by Luckan.

Recognition of a foreign qualification: paths to different professions

Many jobs can be done in Finland with professional skills acquired in another country.  

However, some professions are regulated, which means that they require a certain degree or education under the law. Qualifying for these professions in Finland have certain processes to recognise a professional qualification acquired abroad.  

You can apply for the recognition of a professional qualification if  

  • you are an EU or EEA citizen or a Swiss citizen and  
  • you have qualified for the profession in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland.  

You can apply for the recognition of higher education studies if  

  • you are a non-EU or EEA citizen or  
  • you have completed your degree outside the EU or EEA.  

Sometimes an applicant may be assigned supplementary studies, an adaptation period or an aptitude test.

 Some professions also include a language proficiency requirement. These are described in more detail in Language proficiency requirements for different professions in Finland.

See the following pages for more information on the recognition of professional qualifications and foreign higher education degrees.

Read more about the recognition of professional qualifications on the following sites

All official decisions are subject to a fee.

Language certificates and integration training

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Integration and language tests
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Integration and language tests
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