Multilingual workplace

Multilingual workplace

Building functional multilingual working methods benefits the entire work community. But what are some of the ways of supporting language learners and multilingualism? What kinds of things should you focus on in your work community? Here you can find tools for functional multilingualism.

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Steps toward language awareness in the workplace

The steps toward language awareness in the workplace promote conversations on multilingualism and planning practices that support employees’ language learning.

Multilingual workplace
Tre personer diskuterar med varandra.

Simply trilingual

Videos on multilingualism and language practices in the workplace.

Multilingual workplace

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Support for multilingualism in workplaces.


Osaamisen paikka - for employers and workplace trainers (in Finnish) (external link)

Material for employers and workplace trainers in Finnish.

Henkilö kirjoittaa muistiinpanoja tietokoneelle.

Course location search

Find educational institutions all around Finland with Finnish and Swedish language courses.

Learn Finnish
Kaksi henkilöä istuu pöydän ääressä ja keskustelee.

Integration counselling

Information about work permits, applying for citizenship, the recognition of a foreign qualification and about integration training.

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