Language exercises during the traineeship

Language exercises before, during and after the traineeship support the learning of professional language. Here you can find tips for good exercises to practice the language, especially at the B1-B2 level.
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Language exercises for the traineeship

Language proficiency consists of many things. Language proficiency also includes courage to react in different situations regardless of errors, ability to recognise factors affecting the situation, and skills to express yourself with gestures, expressions and visual messages. Before the traineeship, it is important that the student maps out their language proficiency level and reflects on their goals for the traineeship. 

Keeping a language diary is a good tool for achieving the goals. The tasks in the language diary reflect on: What does the student already know and what can they manage with in Finnish during the traineeship? What new things can they learn about the Finnish language and their own language and communication skills during the traineeship? 

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What are professional language skills

Professional language is not learned on its own at work, but language learning requires input from the workplace and the work community.


How to guide students in a language-aware manner

Language-aware guidance require cooperation between the subject teacher, the language teacher and the traineeship instructor.

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Traineeship is also language practice

Language-aware traineeship practices support all students regardless of their level of proficiency.

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What kind of language skills are needed at the traineeship

Different workplaces require different language skills. It is important for work places to consider the language proficiency required in the work tasks in advance.


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