Multilingual practises at workplaces

In what kind of workplace situations do international employees communicate with their developing Finnish or Swedish skills? How do native speakers react to this? Watch the videos and learn how to be productively multilingual in workplace situations! The videos can serve as a starting point to discuss the language practices of your workplace.
Three persons are talking together.
Photo: Rainer Paananen. All rights reserved.

Asking a word is not necessarily a sign of wanting to change the language.

From Simply trilingual video series part Työkokous (Work meeting).

Don't assume anyone's language skills.

From Simply trilingual video series part Study guidance (Opintoneuvonta).

A compliment may be disturbing.

From Simply trilingual video series part Encounter (Kohtaaminen).

Videot on tuotettu osana Helsingin yliopiston kielititietoisuuskampanjaa Rennosti kolmella kielellä - Smidigt på tre språk - Simply trilingual.

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