Experiences of multilingual practices

Experiences of multilingual practices

Learn from others’ experiences of language learning, counselling international customers, and implementing multilingual practices in the workplace.

Interviews of councellors and employers

Kati Järvinen

Language PSP helps to encourage learning Finnish and Swedish

Kati Järvinen from the University of Helsinki considers Language PSP of the Kielibuusti (Language Boost) project a good way to bring up language skills with international experts.

Experiences of multilingual practices
Sanna Nykäsen kuva

Employer, this is how you can reach an international expert

THL expert Sanna Nykänen explains how to create an attractive multilingual workplace.

Experiences of multilingual workplaces
Monika-Naiset employees

The only way to learn Finnish is by speaking it

Hitomi Tabuchi and Massiel of the MONIKA – Multicultural Women’s Association describe why Finnish is the only language spoken in their workplace.

Experiences of multilingual workplaces

Interviews of international employees

Daniela Untersteiner

How to learn Finnish in an English-language work environment?

Daniela Untersteiner, who works in the start-up industry, talks about her experiences and views as a Finnish learner.

Draw inspiration from language learners’ experiences
Aleksei Anisimov

A bold plunge into a Finnish-language work environment helps in learning the language

Aleksei Anisimov, who works in the IT sector, describes the things that have helped and supported him in learning Finnish. 

Draw inspiration from language learners’ experiences
Tomy Cherian

Speaking Finnish in professional life requires courage

Teacher Tomy Cherian tells how language skills can develop alongside work in a bilingual workplace.

Draw inspiration from language learners’ experiences
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