Internship advisors

Internship advisors

For international students, internships are also opportunities to practice their Finnish or Swedish language skills. Here you can find models and materials for supporting the development of professional language skills during internships.

A student and a teacher are talking to each other at the table. There's a laptop on the table.

How to guide students in a language-aware manner

Language-aware guidance require cooperation between the subject teacher, the language teacher and the traineeship instructor.

Internship advisors
Two persons are working at the table and writing post-it-notes.

What are professional language skills

Professional language is not learned on its own at work, but language learning requires input from the workplace and the work community.

Internship advisors
People gathered around a table and discussing.

Traineeship is also language practice

Language-aware traineeship practices support all students regardless of their level of proficiency.

Internship advisors
A person is pointing at post-it notes on a whiteboard.

What kind of language skills are needed at the traineeship

Different workplaces require different language skills. It is important for work places to consider the language proficiency required in the work tasks in advance.

Internship advisors
Hands are holding a pen. There are post-it-notes attached on the whiteboard.

Language exercises during the traineeship

Language exercises during the traineeship support the learning of professional language.

Internship advisors
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