Multilingual practises in guidance

In what kinds of situations do international talents seek to use their still-developing Finnish or Swedish language skills? How do native speakers react in these situations? Take a look at the videos in this series and learn how to be productively multilingual in guidance situations! The videos can also serve as a starting point for discussing language practices within your workplace.

Don't assume anyone's language skills.

From Simply trilingual video series part Study guidance (Opintoneuvonta).

Asking a word is not necessarily a sign of wanting to change the language.

From Simply trilingual video series part Työkokous (Work meeting).

A compliment may be disturbing.

From Simply trilingual video series part Encounter (Kohtaaminen).

The videos are produced as a part of the University of Helsinki's language awareness campaign Rennosti kolmella kielellä - Smidigt på tre språk - Simply trilingual.

©2020 Helsingin yliopisto

Rennosti kolmella kielellä -videosarjan (2020) tuottaja on Helsingin yliopisto ja tekijät ovat Yrjö Lauranto ja Emmi Pollari. Podcast-sarja on lisensoitu Creative Commons Nimeä-EiMuutoksia 4.0 Kansainvälinen -lisenssillä. Materiaali on saatavilla osoitteessa

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