Self study

Self study websites, apps or other ways to study Swedish. You can study in an app on your phone or on a website, use a dictionary or watch TV and learn Swedish while you do. To support your learning, we recommend reading our tips for self-study.

Take a look on our list and use the material that suits your needs and skills the best.
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Different websites to study Swedish grammar and to support your writing. 


Self-study materials to increase and revise you vocabulary.


Self-study materials to support and improve your writing skills in Swedish. 

Channels, programs, news and magazines

Useful channels and programs for you who wants to improve your understanding of spoken Swedish. We have listed for example news in simple Swedish, podcasts, radio channels and TV-channels. 

Online textbooks

Online version of the Rivstart-series. Contains texts, excercises and their answers. To access all the material you need to create an account, but the material is nontheless free of charge. 


List of websites where you can rehearse Swedish YKI-exams.

Finlandssvenska - Finland Swedish

Material for you who want's to learn or learn more about the Swedish dialects in Finland. 


There is an infinite amount of apps to learn Swedish. Here are some that fe have found good. The list will be updated!

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