Language proficiency requirements for different professions

Here you can find instructions on the recognition of a foreign qualification, a list of the qualification and language requirements for different professions and the authorities that make these decisions.
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Regulated professions 

Some professions are regulated in Finland. It means that the education required for them is determined by law. Such professions include doctors, dentists, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists, lawyers, accountants, teachers and chimney sweeps.  

The qualification requirements of a profession also define language requirements. For example, a teacher providing pre-primary and basic education must have excellent oral and written skills in the school’s language of instruction. Language proficiency can be demonstrated with the YKI certificate (excellent = level C) or a Civil Service Language Proficiency Certificate (excellent = excellent level).  

More information on regulated professions and the recognition of degrees and professional qualifications are available on the InfoFinland website.  

Foreign diploma or degree in Finland | InfoFinland 

The website of the Finnish National Agency for Education has a list of regulated professions and the authorities that issue these decisions. You can find the language proficiency requirements on the profession-specific pages.

Regulated professions in Finland | Finnish National Agency for Education

Learn Swedish for work

Free online course in Finnish-Swedish for librarians and a free Russian-Swedish glossary for caregivers.

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Free online course in Finland Swedish for librarians.

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Russian-Swedish dictionary for nurses (pdf) (external link)

Jag är här för dig - rysk-svensk ordlista för vårdare (free pdf online) is a Russian-Swedish dictionary for nurses and other professionals in the field by Svenska Finlands folkting and Samfundet Folkhälsan rf.

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