Language learning support

Language learning support

Are you looking for advice and materials on how to integrate learning Finnish into guidance and employee performance reviews and how to enable language learning at the workplace / when working? What kind of work placement guidance can promote professional language learning for an international trainee? What is an employer’s role in the integration process? Here you can find materials to support your activities.

Opiskelija hymyilee ja keskustelee opettajan kanssa pöydän ääressä. Pöydällä on tietokone. Opiskelija katsoo hymyilevä opettajaa, jolla on kynä kädessä. Pöydällä on paperi ja tietokone.

Learning professional language at work

How to support trainees in learning professional language skills during the traineeship?

Career and study advisors

Make a language learning plan (Language-PSP)

A tool to discuss language proficiencies and career planning.

Language learning support
Hands are holding a pen, on the table there's a notebook.

Language tests and proficiency levels

Information on the National Certificates of Language Proficiency (YKI), proficiency levels A1–C2 and language requirements for different professions.

Learn Finnish
Kaksi henkilöä istuu pöydän ääressä ja keskustelee.

Integration counselling

Information about work permits, applying for citizenship, the recognition of a foreign qualification and about integration training


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Työpaikkasuomi and Työpaikkaruotsi - workplace language training (external link)

The aim of Workplace Finnish Training and Workplace Swedish Training is to improve the personnel’s, who have a foreign background, capacity to manage their work tasks in Finnish or Swedish. Training is included in the Talent Boost Finland service package that supports companies to connect with international talents.

Henkilö kirjoittaa muistiinpanoja tietokoneelle.

Course location search

Find educational institutions all around Finland with Finnish and Swedish language courses.

Learn Finnish
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