Language boosts at the higher education institution – case study

The increase in the number of international students means that higher education institutions must plan the teaching of Finnish and support for language learning from a new perspective. Here is an example of how we have started to develop language learning in Metropolia.
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Metropolia S2 teachers' statement on the teaching and guidance of Finnish as a second language (S2) in English-language degree programmes at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

In this statement (in Finnish), Metropolia's S2 teachers present the basic principles on how to achieve sufficient proficiency in the Finnish language and what structural changes are required in the curricula in order to achieve this language proficiency. The statement has been compiled on the basis of career guidance and the Finnish language model developed in the SIMHE further development project (2019–2021). 

How the language path model is put into practice

The S2 language path model has been developed on the basis of the statement. The S2 language path model is presented in more detail in the S2 language path model is presented in more detail in the Language Boost portal but you can also read about the implementation of the model in the Metropolia Hiiltä ja timanttia blog in the Language Boost series (in Finnish): 

Language-boosted curriculum: Degree Programme in Social Services 

The English-language degree programme of Metropolia (Degree Programme in Social Services) was the first in Finland to “language boost” their curriculum based on a statement by S2 teachers: the curriculum enables international students to take 20 credits of Finnish courses, and the degree also includes language-supported traineeships in Finnish-language working environments. The traineeships were named Work placement and language internships, and language objectives (A1 - C2) were also added to their objectives according to the student's initial skill level.  

The degree also includes a course on language-aware and equal guidance (5 ETCS) for those who already have excellent Finnish skills. Students who already speak Finnish will be used as language mentors in pair exercises.

Degree Programme in Social Services (new curricula 2023 - 2024)
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