Language mentor as a helper to higher education students

Language mentor supports and encourages international students in Finnish language studies and everyday situations. They also familiarise the student with different communities and Finnish culture. At the same time, the mentor gets the chance to learn about new communities and cultures. Language mentors are ready to share their everyday lives and give their time to Finnish learners.
Two students walking and talking in the corridor.
Photo: Kalle Kataila. All rights reserved.

What is language mentor?

Language Mentor…  

  • supports Finnish-learning students in their studies and everyday life
  • encourages the student to use Finnish in everyday and working life
  • teaches the student about different communities and Finnish culture
  • learns about new communities and cultures
  • can practise guidance and dialogue-based encounters
  • can develop their language-aware communication skills.  

What is required of the language mentor?  

The language mentor…  

  • is ready to get to know the new student
  • wants to share their daily lives and give their time to the student learning Finnish
  • is able to speak and write Finnish fluently
  • wants to learn more about guidance and the daily life of immigrants 
  • is willing to consider the student's challenges and find solutions to them
  • is ready to dive into new situations and encounters. 

Tips for language mentoring

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