Integration and culture

Integration and culture

Here you can read about integration-related topics such as learning Finnish or Swedish in integration training, work permits and how to apply for citizenship. You can also learn more about Finnish culture, labour market and university studies on online courses.

Two persons are sitting at a table and discussing.

Integration counselling

Information about work permits, applying for citizenship, the recognition of a foreign qualification and about integration training.

Integration and culture
Two students walking and talking in the corridor.

Integration training

Information about integration training and its contents as well as instructions for applying to the training

Integration and culture
The creators of the literature podcast series: Saija Pyhärinne and Sari Päivärinne.

Literature podcast for advanced Finnish learners

In this podcast, you can listen to various themes related to Finnish literature and cultural history. In Finnish.

Integration and culture
Eevamaija Isoheiniemi, Fanny Saartila, Melagros Jalijali.

Elämää suomeksi podcast

How have students who have moved to Finland learned the language and culture in everyday life, studies and work? Students discuss their experiences.

Language learning tips and advice
A person is using a laptop. A video conversation appears blurred on the laptop.

Online-courses about working life and studying in Finland

Get to know Finnish studies and working life with these courses.

Integration and culture
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