Webinar: Boost your career with Finnish/Swedish skills! Kielibuusti services for international professionals on April 10th, 2024 at 14:00

Are you an international student or professional wanting to know more about the benefits of local language skills for working in Finland? Join in our free webinar to discover Kielibuusti tools that can help you learn Finnish or Swedish.
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Kielibuusti webinar on April 10th 2024 at 14.00-14.45

In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits of Finnish/Swedish language skills in the Finnish labour market and get to know the online materials available on our website that help you achieve your language learning goals. 

Take the next step on your career path in Finland by joining this advisory webinar. You will get a guided tour on what learning tools are available, how to take them into use, how to plan your language learning and lots of tips for effective language learning. 

Kielibuusti.fi is an information website where you can find all information about learning Finnish/Swedish in one place. It is open for anyone and free to use. The website has a wide offering of different solutions to support you, e.g., 

  • a search function to find a suitable language school anywhere in Finland
  • a curated catalogue of self-study materials
  • tools for assessing your skills and planning your language studies
  • information about language tests (YKI etc.) and language requirements
  • tips for everyday learning
  • learner stories and much more! 

Please register by April 9th the latest by filling in this form. The webinar is free of charge. The number of attendees is limited and places will be filled as a first come, first served basis. The language of the webinar is English. Please notice that the webinar will be recorded, and the recording and materials will be sent to registered participants.

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