Language learning at work

Language learning at work

The best way to learn the language of your field is at work. Here you can find language learning tips and materials for different sectors.

Two women talking and drinking coffee at a break room.

Phrases for the break room

Are you coming to eat? Good luck with your work - see you later! With these phrases, you'll get by in the break room.

Language learning at work

Become a language learning catalyst

Take simple, creative steps to boost your Finnish learning at work – and end up transforming your company's approach to language

Language learning tips and advice
Hands are starting to write something on a post-it note.


A pocketbook helps you learn language at the workplace.

Language learning at work
At the table, hands are explaining something and holding a pen. There is a notebook on the table.

Customer service situations at the hotel reception

8 videos on work-related situations in which the hotel receptionist serves the customer in Finnish.

Hotelli- ja ravintola-ala
Daniela Untersteiner

How to learn Finnish in an English-language work environment?

Daniela Untersteiner, who works in the start-up industry, talks about her experiences and views as a Finnish learner.

Draw inspiration from language learners’ experiences
Aleksei Anisimov

A bold plunge into a Finnish-language work environment helps in learning the language

Aleksei Anisimov, who works in the IT sector, describes the things that have helped and supported him in learning Finnish. 

Draw inspiration from language learners’ experiences
Tomy Cherian

Speaking Finnish in professional life requires courage

Teacher Tomy Cherian tells how language skills can develop alongside work in a bilingual workplace.

Draw inspiration from language learners’ experiences

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Finnish for the care sector - Osaamisen paikka (external link)

In the learning environment, you can practise Finnish language and working life skills in the care sector.


Vocabularies and exercises for other fields - (external link)

Business, construction, electricity, gardening, hygiene pass and health and safety card and many more fields. In Finnish.

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