Why become a language learning catalyst?

Your small steps to use and develop your Finnish skills at work can have a catalytic impact – encouraging other Finnish learners, activating Finnish speakers to support language learning, and even shifting your company's whole approach to language learning and the multilingual workplace. Take up the challenge and become a language learning catalyst!
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As you may remember from your old chemistry textbooks, catalysts speed up chemical reactions without themselves getting used up in the process. In the same way, your actions to boost your use of Finnish at work can have ‘catalytic’ effects that ultimately benefit everybody in your workplace.

What, then, is a ‘language catalyst’? It is someone who is taking action to boost their own on-the-job Finnish learning, help other Finnish learners do the same, and help their whole workplace reap the benefits of language awareness and multilingual work practices.

This may sound like quite a high calling, and maybe you’d rather just stick with the first bit – perhaps aiming for a weekly chat in Finnish over a cup of coffee with someone in your team. The good news is that all three parts of the catalytic calling seamlessly blend into one another. It can start with that cup of coffee – and then soon lead to opportunities to have an impact beyond just boosting your own Finnish skills.

Why, though, should you aim so high?

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Level 1 – Start the conversation

How to talk with Finns about talking Finnish

Become a language learning catalyst
Two students are walking in the corridor. They are smiling.

Level 2 – Learner-friendly Finnish

Help your workmates to make their Finnish easier to understand

Become a language learning catalyst
Smiling adults are chatting over a coffee break.

Level 3 – Finnish your meetings

Take the plunge and explore the many options for multilingual meetings

Become a language learning catalyst

Level 3 Remixed – Survival skills for Finnish meetings

Having meetings in Finnish can be great for language learning, as long as you have the skills for staying afloat.

Become a language learning catalyst

Level 4 – Shaping a new normal

Root in new multilingual practices through the power of language agreements

Become a language learning catalyst
A woman is sitting in a beanbag and she is surfing on her mobile phone.

Level 5 – Building for the long-term

Play your part in writing language awareness into your organisation's DNA

Become a language learning catalyst
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