Level 4 – Shaping a new normal

Being a language catalyst involves both creative exploration and diligent repetition and habit-forming. Once you have located suitable and effective language practices – both one-to-one and in groups – then language agreements are a power tool for rooting these in and spreading them to a wider audience.
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In your growth so far as a Language Catalyst, Levels 1 to 3 have been all about starting the conversations, asking good questions and trying out different options – both one-to-one and in groups. The next level grows naturally out of these diverse explorations, as you find practices and arrangements that work well and move towards making them the default option in particular contexts.

We can think of this as making ‘language agreements’, just as working life involves making agreements on many other aspects of workplace culture and practices. Language agreements, whether between two people, a team, or a whole workplace, can really help to make sure that Finnish learners are getting regular opportunities to practice Finnish, and for you as a Language Catalyst, they can be a great way to expand to a wider group some arrangements that have worked really well between you and one or two other colleagues.

Below are some examples of simple but powerful language agreements: 

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Why become a language learning catalyst?

Your steps to learn Finnish at work can impact your whole work community

Become a language learning catalyst

Level 1 – Start the conversation

How to talk with Finns about talking Finnish

Become a language learning catalyst
Two students are walking in the corridor. They are smiling.

Level 2 – Learner-friendly Finnish

Help your workmates to make their Finnish easier to understand

Become a language learning catalyst
Smiling adults are chatting over a coffee break.

Level 3 – Finnish your meetings

Take the plunge and explore the many options for multilingual meetings

Become a language learning catalyst

Level 3 Remixed – Survival skills for Finnish meetings

Having meetings in Finnish can be great for language learning, as long as you have the skills for staying afloat.

Become a language learning catalyst
A woman is sitting in a beanbag and she is surfing on her mobile phone.

Level 5 – Building for the long-term

Play your part in writing language awareness into your organisation's DNA

Become a language learning catalyst
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