Level 3 Remixed – Survival skills for Finnish meetings

Planning on taking the plunge and shifting to having work meetings mostly in Finnish? Or are you already there, in deep water, and trying to stay afloat? With the right set of meeting survival skills, you can have a great Finnish learning experience while still managing to get the job done.
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The previous article in this series offered some ideas for how to open the discussion about language use in workplace meetings and explore options for increasing use of Finnish in different ways. At this point, it’s worth pausing to make sure you don’t overstretch yourself. Having broken free of those language learning myths, and with your catalytic muscles growing by the day, you wouldn’t want to convince your Finnish workmates to switch the meeting to mostly Finnish and then suddenly feel … rather out of your depth.

Of course, none of these language experiments are irreversible – you can always just change back to more English use if needed. But by developing your ‘Finnish meeting survival skills’, you might not need to. Here are some of the main things to consider:

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Why become a language learning catalyst?

Your steps to learn Finnish at work can impact your whole work community

Become a language learning catalyst

Level 1 – Start the conversation

How to talk with Finns about talking Finnish

Become a language learning catalyst
Two students are walking in the corridor. They are smiling.

Level 2 – Learner-friendly Finnish

Help your workmates to make their Finnish easier to understand

Become a language learning catalyst
Smiling adults are chatting over a coffee break.

Level 3 – Finnish your meetings

Take the plunge and explore the many options for multilingual meetings

Become a language learning catalyst

Level 4 – Shaping a new normal

Root in new multilingual practices through the power of language agreements

Become a language learning catalyst
A woman is sitting in a beanbag and she is surfing on her mobile phone.

Level 5 – Building for the long-term

Play your part in writing language awareness into your organisation's DNA

Become a language learning catalyst
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