Level 3 – Finnish your meetings

When it comes to work meetings, the binary thinking of all-Finnish-or-all-English can be particularly strong. There are many ways, however, to bring a multilingual flavour to your meetings – and adding more Finnish to the mix can offer much more than just a boost to your own language learning.
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If you've managed to get the conversation started, then hopefully you’ve already had some good conversations with workmates about speaking more Finnish at work, and you’re starting to see some results: using and learning Finnish is becoming more a part of your daily life, and you’re feeling that healthy brain-strain from seeking to express yourself and communicate in a wider range of situations.

Now, it’s time to boost your catalytic powers by starting to influence the ways that language choices are handled in group situations, such as work meetings. By helping to shape your workplace culture in this area, you can be strengthening both your own and other’s learning of Finnish as well as improving overall communication in your workplace.

Even if you’re not leading the meeting, you can still take the initiative to suggest practices and questions that could help towards finding the best language mix for the people in the room. Here are a few options to consider:

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Become a language learning catalyst

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Become a language learning catalyst
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Become a language learning catalyst

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Become a language learning catalyst
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Become a language learning catalyst
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