Level 2 – Learner-friendly Finnish

Speaking clearly doesn't mean speaking loudly – nor does it mean speaking like a robot. There are many simple habits your workmates can learn to make their conversations with Finnish learners smoother, better for Finnish learning, and simply more enjoyable. So take a turn at being the teacher and help your colleagues to speak learner-friendly Finnish.
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The following situation may well sound familiar: you attend Finnish classes, where you generally understand most of what the teacher says. Then you join your colleagues for lunch as they are chatting away in Finnish … and you can hardly make out anything they are saying. Your brain starts to overheat as you try to separate out at least the main words – are they even speaking the same language?

When talking Finnish with you one-to-one, the chances are that they at least slow down a bit, but there would be a few other things they could do to help you follow what they are saying. If you’ve read the previous article in this series and already got permission to take a turn at being the teacher, here are a few things you can suggest:

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