Language learning tips and advice

Language learning tips and advice

How to learn Finnish in everyday life? Make use of the tips and tricks about using your developing Finnish skills from day one.

A lot of young people have gathered to watch sledging.

34 tips for learning Finnish

Tips for learning Finnish in everyday life.

Language learning tips and advice
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Myth Busters

Is Finnish really the world's hardest language? And is it pointless to learn Finnish if you're planning to leave soon? Check out this section for a positive and myth-free perspective on learning Finnish.

Language learning tips and advice

Become a language learning catalyst

Take simple, creative steps to boost your Finnish learning at work – and end up transforming your company's approach to language

Language learning tips and advice
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Plan your language learning with Language PSP

Language PSP tool to set goals for learning languages of Finland

Plan your language learning
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A pocketbook helps you learn language at the workplace.

Language learning at work
Eevamaija Isoheiniemi, Fanny Saartila, Melagros Jalijali.

Elämää suomeksi podcast

How have students who have moved to Finland learned the language and culture in everyday life, studies and work? Students discuss their experiences.

Language learning tips and advice
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Language cafes and learning with a friend

Tips for learning Finnish with a friend.

Language learning tips and advice

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Course location search

Find educational institutions all around Finland with Finnish and Swedish language courses.

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Search self study material

Choose a way to study Finnish online to best suit you.

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Language learning tips, ideas and news!

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