Plan your language learning with Language PSP

Language PSP (personal study plan) is a tool with which proficiency in the languages of Finland can be discussed as part of study or career planning. The questions of Language PSP will help you to consider and set goals for learning the languages of Finland, either independently or through discussions with teachers. It is important to be aware of the significance of learning the languages of Finland when you want to find employment in Finland. 

Language PSP is a tool that helps language learners discuss language proficiency and related goals as well as a way for teachers and supervisors to raise the issue of language proficiency. Language PSP was originally published in 2022 to support degree programmes conducted in English and international students in higher education institutions, but it has since been utilised in occupational guidance for students studying in degree programmes conducted in Finnish as well.
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Language PSP for students and language learners

Language PSP for students and language learners includes a document that students should carefully fill in themselves before participating in guidance counselling discussions. It takes 5–10 minutes to answer the document.

Kieli-HOPS on julkaistu alun perin vuonna 2022 englanninkielisten tutkintojen ja kansainvälisten opiskelijoiden tueksi, mutta sittemmin sitä on hyödynnetty myös suomenkielisissä tutkinnoissa opiskelevien uraohjauksessa. 

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