Webinar: Language solutions for companies recruiting international talent – Kielibuusti tools for business services 15.2.2024 at 14

Do you work with companies who are planning to become more international? Join the webinari and find out about the tools that kielibuusti.fi website offers for companies.
Photo: Kalle Kataila. All rights reserved.

Kielibuusti webinar 15.2.2024 at 14.00-14.45

When companies recruit international talent, language issues often arise. The Kielibuusti.fi website offers a variety of free-to-use tools and materials to facilitate the recruitment of international talent into Finnish-speaking work communities and how to introduce new language practices. Employers can use these materials to promote, for example, the parallel use of Finnish and English and to support international employees in learning Finnish. There are also templates for concrete ways of working, such as language-aware recruitment and onboarding, and multi-lingual practices for different work situations, such as meetings.  

This webinar will introduce you to these materials and tools so that you can make use of them in your work as a business counsellor. The webinar will be held in Finnish, but you can participate in English. Please register by Feb 15th the latest. The recording and materials will be sent to registered participants. Also, the kielibuusti.fi materials are also available in English.


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