Webinar: Boost your career with Finnish skills! March 20, 2024

Already learning Finnish and willing to learn more? Join Kielibuusti's webinar in English and get new ideas and tricks to improve your language skills.
Joukko hymyileviä aikuisia pyytää puheenvuoroa viittaamalla kameran edessä seisovalta ohjaajalta.
Photo: Kalle Kataila. All rights reserved.

Kielibuusti webinar on March 20 at 11.00–11.55

Kielibuusti hosts a webinar in the Espoo TalentMatch event on March 20. 

In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits of Finnish language skills in the Finnish labour market and the meaning of local language for deeper integration in the society. We will bust the myth that Finnish is the most difficult language in the world and introduce possibilities and tips to study Finnish, based on our platform.

Read more and register to the online event. Kielibuusti webinar will be held at 11.00–11.55.

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