Launch of online portal 19.4.2023

April 19th 2023 at 14-15
A photo of the Launch of online portal event with an image of Steps Towards Language Awareness in the Workplace.

Welcome to the launch of the website on April 19th 2023 at 14-15! The event will take place at the Hybrid Stage, located in the Harald Herlin Learning Centre on Aalto University campus in Otaniemi. You can participate either on-site or online.

During the event we will present the new website which showcases materials produced in the Kielibuusti project. The website includes content for four user groups: 

  • Language learners 
  • Teachers of Finnish or Swedish as a second language 
  • Counsellors working with international talents 
  • Employers and workplace communities. 

The Hybrid Stage has limited seating. Online participants can watch a live stream and send in questions or comments. Please note that on-site participants may be seen on the live stream.  


  • Welcome 
  • Opening words by the Ministry of Education and Culture:
    Minister of Science and Culture, Petri Honkonen and Senior Specialist Nelli Tiainen  
  • Presenting the Kielibuusti project 
  • Inspirational speaker: Language learning as a solution to the shortage of experts,
    entrepreneur Peter Vesterbacka, Finest Future 
  • Introduction of the Kielibuusti website for different user groups: 
    • Language learners  
    • Teachers of Finnish or Swedish as a second language  
    • Counsellors working with international talents  
    • Employers and workplace communities.
  • Experiences from a learner: Perspectives from a highly educated language learner,
    university lecturer Petra Hietanen-Kunwald, Aalto University
  • Questions and answers 
  • What happens next in the Kielibuusti project 
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