Are you interested in integration training? Are you looking for information about work permits or applying for citizenship? Are you thinking about having your degree recognised in Finland? On these pages, you can find information and materials to support integration in employment and in everyday life. You can also learn more about Finnish culture and employment on online courses.

There is along queue of parked cars between the houses. Each house has a Finnish flag in its flagpole.

Culture and society

Get to know Finland, Finland Swedish culture and Finnish working life.
We will add more content to this page during 2023.

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Integration counselling

Information about work permits, applying for citizenship, the recognition of a foreign qualification and about integration training

Two students walking and talking in the corridor.

Integration training

Information about integration training and its contents as well as instructions for applying to the training

Two persons talking and looking at the screen of a mobile phone.

Why choose to integrate in Swedish in Finland?

Learn when it can be a good idea to choose Swedish as your official language of integration in Finland.

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